Monday, November 23, 2009

Lebron - DWade 2010 Bombshell

I am about to drop a bombshell on the sports nation. What I am about to say may shock you, but remember I said it here first at Talkin Ball with the Wall.

Here we go: Dwayne Wade and Lebron James will play together next year in Miami! Here are the reasons:

(1) Dwayne Wade loves Miami. He is not going anywhere. He loves South Beach, being single now, he loves the nightlife. Whenever he can he is always pointing out after a big win that this is his house and he owns this arena. No one just walks away from his house and just leaves it sitting.

(2) He and Lebron has been planning this since their second year in the league. They both signed exact three year exstensions when their rookie option came up. Now, when both could have signed long term, big money contracts to avoid free agency, they BOTH declined. They both said the same thing: that they want to see if their respective teams will build contenders before they re-sign. Both teams said they want a committment from them before they do(which is understandable),but they both (Wade & Lebron)wouldn't commit. They said they want to test free-agency. Every move they made has been orchestrated together.

(3) The reason why I said Lebron is coming to Miami,is because Miami can re-sign Wade as a free-agent and it wouldn't affect their salary-cap. You can exceed the salary-cap to re-sign your own free agent,and while Wade was telling them to build a contender and he might re-sign, Pat Riley got smart and just started slashing talent(payroll). So to be ready to add a big-time free agent in the extraordinary class of 2010 (Lebron,Wade,Bosh,etc...) Now they are one of the only teams that can afford both max-contracts of Lebron and Wade. Cleveland cannot afford Wade and James because they haven't slashed their payrolls (Shaq,mo williams,Delonte West).

(4) New York,Cleveland,and New Jersey's fans will be heartbroken next year if they expect to get Lebron James. Cleveland-for the reasons I stated earlier ,New York,they just don't have enough talent to surround Lebron, because he wants to start winning championships NOW! He wants to catch his competitors for greatness, Kobe, Wade,and Michael Jordan.He wants to start his legacy NOW, not later. New Jersey(same reasons i stated for Knicks. Sorry Jay-Z).

(5) Lebron James has been in the league seven seasons and just now , is when for the first time,he starts talking about honoring Michael Jordan by NOT wearing his jersey number. When he came in, and ever since, he was honoring Jordan by WEARING his number. Hmm, coincidentally Miami is the only team in the league, other than Chicago that has retired #23, so he could not wear number 23 if he went to (you guessed it)Miami. He doesn't want to tip anyone off, that he is going there,so he says he's honoring Jordan. You all see where i am going with this. He has to change his jersey number WHEN he goes to MIAMI.

There you have it,remember i said all these things when it happens. Sorry Spike Lee, sorry Drew Carey (?)...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


this week sucks in the nfl if you are in a football pool.what does it take for these millionaire football players to get up for games.there were so many upsets today,it doesent make sense. these games are almost totslly unpredictable.